Recover With Our Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Energy Drink

We’d like to thank you for stopping by and checking us out. Helios is a new type of hemp extract energy drink, one that has something you just won’t find in others. 

So what brought you here? Are you looking for a hemp extract drink that helps you recover from a hard night? Maybe one that boosts you up instead of calming you down? Maybe you’re just looking to avoid the crash associated with most caffeinated drinks? Seems like you’re looking for our hemp extract beverage.

So, why Helios?

You already know that there are other hemp extract-infused beverages out there, so you’re probably asking yourself what could possibly make Helios Revive special? Anyone can say they’re better…where’s our proof?  

We use nano-emulsified, water-soluble hemp extract

Maybe the best thing about our energy drink is that it’s actually getting the amount of hemp extract into your system that you think it is. Most products that say they have 25 milligrams of hemp extract contain 25 milligrams of oil-soluble hemp extract. Unfortunately, oil-based hemp extract tends to pass through the human body without being absorbed; you might only be getting about 15% of that hemp extract into your system.

Helios Revive uses the latest scientific techniques to make hemp extract water-soluble, encasing each hemp extract molecule into an organic liquid casing that delivers it into the bloodstream with increased efficiency. This casing also makes the hemp extract molecule water soluble. This means you’re getting upwards of 90% hemp extract uptake, compared to a 15% uptake with typical oil-based hemp extract products. If you’d like to read more about the difference between water-soluble hemp extract energy drinks and other products, click here.

We help you recover (and wake you up)

As you probably know, research into the benefits of hemp extract and cannabinoids has increased exponentially in the last few years. One of the most promising ways that hemp extract can help is by helping to reduce the pain associated with inflammation.

Of course, water-soluble hemp extract isn’t the only recovery ingredient in our energy drink. There’s caffeine in there too, which is great for picking you up after a night of partying too hard. But it’s not just about waking you up; it’s about helping you recover. This article details how caffeine can also help with muscle recovery. Add to that b-vitamins complex (to aid in brain function, energy levels, and cell metabolism) and taurine (in order to boost mental energy) and you’ve got a great combination that gets you going and keeps you moving. 

We’re a zero-calorie hemp extract drink

Unless you’re trying to bulk up and increase your calorie intake, you probably aren’t interested in getting a lot of extra sugar in your diet. We wanted our hemp extract energy drinks to be as healthy as possible, which is why we made them zero calories. But don’t worry, because…

We taste gooooood

Look, for a zero-calorie hemp extract drink, we taste really good! If you’re accustomed to barely stomaching your no-calorie drinks, forcing yourself through them just to get the benefits…stop! It’s time to give Helios Revive a try and start enjoying your hemp energy drinks.

Looking for a better water-soluble hemp extract energy drink?

Yeah, that’s us. Helios Revive is the best way to recharge, rehydrate, recover, and revive. Click here to order your own little piece of the sun.